Why is consistent revenue growth so hard?

Most leaders know where they want to take their teams, but fail to adapt to changing customer needs to sustain their revenue growth over time.

At huerdo, we know how difficult it is when you have set clear direction, but begin to see teams failing to execute and capitalize on the opportunities in front of them. Customer Acquisition Costs can increase, sales staff turnover can become a challenge, and revenue generating teams can find themselves unable to agree on the best path forward. It is for this reason that companies are taking a Revenue Engine approach, and tuning it within your business can unlock growth!

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How We Can Help Your Business Grow

Based on over 20 years of sales, sales leadership and go-to-market experience, our Resilient Revenue Engine approach is a proven framework to help you build adaptability and accountability into your revenue growth activities from lead to renewal.

There's no point in generating a higher volume of leads, contacts, or channels if you don't have a Resilient Revenue Engine inside your organization to convert those into revenue and customer success!

You'll just be wasting money and time!

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How It Works?

Identifying the underlying motivations of why customers purchase, and how those motivations are messaged correctly across each Customer touch point.

Optimizing their costs and return on customer interactions, from lead to renewal, increasing a customer’s Lifetime value (LTV).

Delivering the tools, advice, and coaching that key team members need to provide high-quality customer experiences along their entire buyer journey.

Hiring for, and building a culture of coach-ability along with a learning mindset empowering leaders and their teams to improve each customer interaction consistently.

Implementing an flexible framework to better orchestrate how the senior managers through to front-line employees deliver on their revenue-generating activities.

Huerdo’s Revenue Engine Practice, helps organizations add resiliency across their Revenue Engine by:

Many organizations are struggling to scale by spending too much time, money and resources on the wrong parts of their revenue engine, throwing their ratio of Customer Acquisition Cost (CAC )and LTV of a customer out of balance.

What Is A Revenue Engine and How To Tune It?

A Revenue Engine inside a business consists of all the systems and activities that create the engagement of prospects and customers.

Regardless of your business model from B2C through B2B enterprise approach, the revenue engine is, in fact, consistent… and its vitally important to design and implement a revenue engine that is healthy, adaptable, measured and is constantly improving to meet those overarching business goals.

Core messaging, the tools that are required to deliver that effectively, the overarching company strategy, … and all that, at an effective cost!

It touches every department in the organization - from marketing, business development, sales, customer success, product and back-office teams….

Every customer touchpoint or interaction along the buyer journey - from lead to renewal.

Top 6 Signs Your Revenue Engine Isn't Resilient Enough

Increasing Customer Acquisition Costs are one really good indicator that the teams supporting your revenue growth are not adapting quickly enough to changing buyer needs, and negatively impacting meet your financial goals.

Customer Acquisition Costs

High sales staff turnover is a frequent indicator that your sales teams are not in a learning and growth mindset to meet customer demands. If you you are always churning through your sales staff, you can't create a consistent buyer journey that turns into consistent revenue.

Sales Staff Turnover

When your marketing qualified leads aren't converting to a high percentage of sales qualified leads, or your sales qualified leads aren't converting to revenue, you are missing a clear understanding of where your buyer really is. This creates poor buyer experiences and high internal conflicts between teams.

Converting Qualified Leads

Has the largest deal in your company grown consistently over the last twelve months? Do multiple sales representatives have a large deal in their pipeline? If no, it is a sign your sales teams aren't able to adapt effectively enough to changing customer needs and expectations.

Customer Transaction Sizes

There's a big difference is what your CRM tools say you'll close the quarter-end at, and your confidence in achieving those numbers. That lack of confidence is representative that your teams aren't creating great buyer experiences and may lack a buyer psychology awareness.

Forecast Confidence

When customer churn is impacting your ARR, then you are not optimizing your current customer relationships. When you have a conflict in goals for Customer Success and Sales, your teams aren't able to create great repeat-buyer experiences.

Churn Rates

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I. Dewdney

Software Partner Manager

It's important to understand what our customers needed and focus on delivering that. It is great to work with people who have this approach, and I’d certainly recommend it!

P. Nair

Snr Sales Executive

What a great coach, mentor and inspirational leader! I feel very lucky. Helping me to think “outside of the box” and think differently, resulting always in a positive response by my customer.

R. York

North American VP Sales

This drove a level of growth in terms of confidence of the individuals on the [sales and customer success] teams, and their confidence in how to approach their business.

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